This course is an introduction to the major issues in natural resource politics. The course will examine various models of policymaking to assess how they explain the politics of natural resources.  It will also explore various topics in natural resource policy—including species protection and habitat conservation, parks and wilderness management, and water resource issues. Lastly, it will consider developing trends and the future direction of natural resource policy in the West.

Z. Smith and J. Freemuth, Environmental Policy and Politics in the West
EReserve Readings

The final grade will be based on two essays, two exams, and participation in class activities.  Assignments are due on the designated day.  Late assignments and email versions are NOT accepted.  Exams take place on designated day only!  Exceptions will be granted only in special circumstances (e.g., medical emergency), and only if PRIOR arrangements have been made with the instructor.


Essays – 40 pts each
Exams – 50 pts each
Class Activities – 20 pts

Total possible – 200 pts

A – 180 pts
B – 160 pts
C – 140 pts
D – 120 pts

The instructor reserves the right to adjust upward the final grade of those students who demonstrate substantial improvement in their work over the term of the course.